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"Unlock Adventure"

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Arcane Scrollworks Folio

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

The Arcane Scrollworks 4 Kickstarter campaign is entering its final week. This campaign brings fourth level spells to the line and introduces a much requested leather folio for storing your scrolls.

The folio has two editions, the standard Scrollworks Folio and the limited Necromancer's Folio featuring skull embossed sheepskin interior flaps.

Backers are voting now on the final Backer-Picked scroll to round out the collection to 12 spells. Other spells backers have voted into the set include Wall of Fire and Summon Greater Demon which have been designed as a diptych.

The campaign ends February 18th so check it out and back now for the lowest prices on these scrolls. And as always, thank you for supporting SkeletonKey Games.

Cheers - Ed

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