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"Unlock Adventure"

Add-on Collection 1

Add-on Collection 1


Druid, Cleric and Adept hand-finished scroll collections, including:

Zone of Truth

Spiritual Weapon

Adept Scroll: Raven

Adept Scroll: Ram

Adept Scroll: Hare

Cure Wounds





This product and pricing is for Kickstarter backers with CODES only.


Authentic feel with hand-torn edges, weathering application and hand-painted finishes. Front and back designs.


Approximate size 7" x 10", each.

This product and pricing is for late Kickstarter backers with CODES only.

Any orders placed for Wizard's Library, Witch's Tome, Sorcerer's Stash or Add-on Collection 1 without a code will be refunded and the purchaser directed to www.skeletonkeygames.com/scrollworks to place their order. This is necessary to ensure pricing integrity for our early supporters, to whom we owe our livelihood and greatest appreciation. Thank you. 

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