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Dossier Decks: Orcs & Goblins PDF

Dossier Decks: Orcs & Goblins PDF


Get your copy of Dossier Decks: Orcs & Goblins immediately, with our PDF download option! Two different layouts included. Fronts and backs printed separately, or a full page foldable style. 


Dossier Decks are a fast and fun way to generate detailed NPCs for roleplaying games. The 51 card deck is a stand-alone accessory capable of producing over 4,000 combinations and can be combined with other Dossier Decks for even more options.


Simply draw three cards to create a new NPC featuring an image, traits, and story hook


Dossier Decks are system neutral.


Card Anatomy: 

  • A. Appearance Card - The content of this card is perfect to share with players.
  • B. NPC portrait.
  • C. NPC name.
  • D. A short descriptive blurb, perfect for reading aloud as a first impression to players.
  • E. Traits Card - This card is focused on the character's personality and skills. It is perfect for guiding the game master in making the character unique.
  • F. Trait text gives game-master-only insight into the character.
  • G. A quote gives an example of something the character might say or a look at the overall way they speak.
  • H. Story Hook Card - This card features inspiration for side quests, treasure, and extra drama in your story line.
  • I. This text describes an item, place, or creature related to the character in some way.
  • J. Art related to the content of the Story Hook card.
  • K. The story hook text gives game masters a subplot that can be a springboard for adventures and side quests.
  • L. Set Symbol and Card ID Number - If you decide to shuffle your sets together, you can keep track of which cards go with which set should you ever want to separate them back out.

This purchase is for one PDF for personal use. It is not to be shared, resold, or professionally printed. All copyrights SkeletonKey Games, LLC. 2020.

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