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"Unlock Adventure"

Witch's Tome (3rd Level)

Witch's Tome (3rd Level)


This product and pricing is for Kickstarter backers with CODES only.


Five (5) hand-finished 3rd Level Scrolls of your choice:

Animate Dead
Dispel Magic
Lightning Bolt
Magic Circle
Phantom Steed
Vampiric Touch


Authentic feel with hand-torn edges, weathering application and hand-painted finishes. Front and back designs.


Approximate size 7" x 10", each.


Arcane Scrollworks brings spells from popular fantasy RPGs into your games as hand-finished props. Include them in your next treasure haul, gift them to spell casting PCs, or decorate your game room with them.

Select First Scroll
Select Second Scroll
Select Third Scroll
Select Fourth Scroll
Select Fifth Scroll

This product and pricing is for Kickstarter backers with CODES only.


Any orders placed for Wizard's Library, Witch's Tome, Sorcerer's Stash or Enhance Ability Collection without a code will be refunded and the purchaser directed to www.skeletonkeygames.com/scrollworks to place their order. This is necessary to ensure pricing integrity for our early supporters, to whom we owe our livelihood and greatest appreciation.


Thank you. 

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