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Dossier Decks: Forests PDF

Dossier Decks: Forests PDF


Get your copy of Dossier Decks: 5e Environments: Forests immediately, with our PDF download option! Two different layouts included. Fronts and backs printed separately, or a full page foldable style. 


Dossier Decks: 5e Environments introduces a new spin on your favorite adventuring locales. Each of these Dossier Decks contains three different card types; Mystical cards, Natural cards, and Denizen cards.


Simply shuffle each card type into its own mini-deck and draw one card of each type. Add these to encounter areas of your own creation or incorporate them into published adventures to add depth and detail.


Dossier Decks are system neutral, but also 5e compatible and have the following features: 


  • Mystical Cards • introduce effects related to arcane, divine, and the other-worldly.
  • Natural Cards deal with micro-climate effects, geology, and all things non-magical.
  • Denizen Cards bring life to the flora and fauna of the environment, adding non-combat life or giving the environment's dwellers additional abilities.
  • Set Symbol and Card ID Number - If you decide to shuffle your sets together, you can keep track of which cards go with which set should you ever want to separate them back out.

This purchase is for one PDF for personal use. It is not to be shared, resold, or professionally printed. All copyrights SkeletonKey Games, LLC. 2020.

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