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"Unlock Adventure"

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Dungeon Graphics Upgrade and Printed Tiles

Back in 2011, 2eAdventure Tiles: Dungeon Core Set kicked off the new look for our dungeon tiles but the sets that followed it had even more basic ground detail. SkeletonKey Games is happy to announce that the graphics have been revised for this set with the additional details. Customers who purchased the Dungeon Core Set through DriveThruRPG or RPGNow can log in and download the updated files. The new edition of the set also includes files containing virtual tabletop compatible jpegs for use with online play.

Along with this update, 2eAdventure Tiles: Dungeon Core Set is available in print for the first time as a set of 40 double-sided cardstock tiles. More sets will be moved into print over the coming months and new releases, such as 2eAdventure Tiles: Dungeon Expansion 03 – Wizard’s Workshop, will be available in print upon release.

Check out 2eAdventure Tiles: Dungeon Core Set in the SkeletonKey Games PDF Store.

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