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"Unlock Adventure"

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Wizard’s Workshop: New Dungeon Expansion

SkeletonKey Games has released 2eAdventureTiles: Dungeon Expansion 03 – Wizard’s Workshop. This set of 26 miniatures scale terrain tiles contains everything you need to create a detailed arcane workshop. Areas of the workshop include a summoning chamber, scrying chamber, library, study, alchemy lab, containment cells, sleeping quarters for a guard or assistant, and more. Alternate versions of the tiles tone down the arcane elements for use with any type of dungeon. Two of the tiles provide links with 2e Adventure Tiles: Labyrinth Core Set.

Digital Edition: This includes all 26 tiles in a PDF with a white background to save on ink. Print all you want and start playing. It also includes all 26 tiles as 100ppi jpegs with dark backgrounds for use with virtual tabletop applications.

Print Edition: The print version of this product includes 25 double sided tiles. Each detailed tile has the simpler alternate version printed on the back and you get two copies of each tile so you can use the detailed and simple versions at the same time (or double up). The final tile is the Labyrinth connection.

This set is available now in the SkeletonKey Games PDF Store.

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