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"Unlock Adventure"

  • Writer's pictureSkeletonKey Lora

SkeletonKey Games delves into The Vault of Kvasir

SkeletonKey Games is creating a new campaign setting and you can come along for the adventure via Patreon.

The Vault of Kvasir mixes Viking themes with Hollow Earth folklore to create a new and exciting world that can be dropped beneath whatever world you are roleplaying in.

Patreon allows patrons to access behind the scenes work on the setting including game content, setting background, maps, and artwork. Patrons will also have access to great rewards such as PDF game content written for 5th Edition play, eAdventure Tiles, and monthly encounters using recently released material.

“This is a setting I know and love,” says Ed Bourelle, SkeletonKey Games founder. “I have been designing and playing in this world for several years now and I can’t wait to dig below the surface and craft my vision with the support of my fellow gamers.”

The Vault of Kvasir is up and running on Patreon. Delve now and don’t miss out on the adventure.

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