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"Unlock Adventure"

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Arcane Scrollworks 4 is Live

Good morning SkeletonKey friends,

We are thrilled to announce that the Kickstarter campaign for Arcane Scrollworks 4 is live! We are kicking things off with eight fourth-level spell scrolls that we have already chosen and expanding the selection out with four more backer-selected scrolls throughout the campaign.

During the campaign, we hope to unlock a few stretch goals. We will also be including a couple of add-ons during the upcoming weeks, including a much requested premium item.

The image above is just a teaser as we put the finishing touches on it.

As always, backer support on these campaigns is critical and every pledge helps maintain SkeletonKey Games and the creators behind it. Please check out the new campaign and add some arcane artistry to you games.

Thank you,

Ed Bourelle

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