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Dossier Decks: Townsfolk

Dossier Decks: Townsfolk


Dossier Deck: Townsfolk is a fast and fun way to generate detailed NPCs for roleplaying games. The 51 card deck is a stand-alone accessory capable of producing over 4,000 combinations and can be combined with other Dossier Decks for even more options.


Simply draw three cards to create a new NPC featuring an image, traits, and story hook.


Dossier Decks are system neutral.


  •  A. Appearance Card - The content of this card is perfect to share with players.
  •  B. NPC portrait.
  •  C. NPC name.
  •  D. A short descriptive blurb, perfect for reading aloud as a first impression to players.
  •  E. Traits Card - This card is focused on the character's personality and skills. It is perfect for guiding the game master in making the character unique.
  •  F. Trait text gives game-master-only insight into the character.
  •  G. A quote gives an example of something the character might say or a look at the overall way they speak.
  •  H. Story Hook Card - This card features inspiration for side quests, treasure, and extra drama in your story line.
  •  I. This text describes an item, place, or creature related to the character in some way.
  •  J. Art related to the content of the Story Hook card.
  •  K. The story hook text gives game masters a subplot that can be a springboard for adventures and side quests.
  •  L. Set Symbol and Card ID Number - If you decide to shuffle your sets together, you can keep track of which cards go with which set should you ever want to separate them back out.
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