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"Unlock Adventure"




Authentic feel with hand-torn edges, weathering application and hand-painted finishes. Front and back designs. Approximate size 7" x 10", each. 1st through 7th level spells. 


87 hand-torn, weathered and painted scrolls, one each of: Animate Dead, Arcane Eye, Arcane Lock, Armor of Arcane Frost Banishment, Barkskin, Bear's Endurance, Big Hand, Black Tentacles, Blight, Bull's Strength, Burning Hands, Cat's Grace, Chain Lightning, Chromatic Orb, Circle of Death, Clairvoyance, Cloudkill, Color Spray, Comprehend Languages, Cone of Cold, Consuming Glare, Counterspell, Crown of Madness, Cure Wounds,  Detect Magic, Dimension Door, Disguise Self, Disintegrate, Dispel Magic, Eagle's Splendor, Entangle, Fabricate, Faithful Hound, False Dawn, Find Familiar, Finger of Death, Fireball, Flaming Sphere, Fly, Fox's Cunning, Haste, Hideous Laughter, Hold Person, Ice Knife, Ice Storm, Identify, Invisibility, Irresistible Dance, Knock, Lightning Bolt, Mage Armor, Magic Circle, Magic Missile, Magnificent Mansion, Mirror Image, Misty Step, Moonbeam, Owl's Wisdom, Phantasmal Killer, Phantom Steed, Plane Shift, Polymorph, Prismatic Spray, Ray of Sickness, Reverse Gravity, Revivify, Scorching Ray, Scrying, Sleep, Snowball Swarm, Speak with Dead, Spider Climb, Spirit Guardians, Spiritual Weapon, Summon Gr. Demon, Summon Monster I, Summon Monster II, Telekinesis, Teleport, Teleportation Circle, Tiny Hut, True Seeing, Unmet Fate, Vampiric Touch, Wall of Fire, Wall of Ice, Web, Zone of Truth.


Does not include SLIME scrolls, special edition scrolls, enlarged scrolls or Masticator gate scrolls. 


Arcane Scrollworks brings spells from popular fantasy RPGs into your games as hand-finished props. Include them in your next treasure haul, gift them to spell casting PCs, or decorate your game room with them.

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